Audited By AKC

Available Pups

I am audited by AKC (American Kennel Club)  They do a thorough inspection of all living areas of the dogs and puppies.  My neighbor is a vet that has viewing access to all of my property also.

Current videos on FB at hiltons poodles plus and maltipoos

We raise poodle and maltipoo pups.
Price is from $900 - $1,400. Non refundable Deposit is $400 paid thru paypal, Zelle, or mail.  I watch the pups carefully for any defects. If I am aware of one, I will contact you immediantly and you will have a choice of getting another puppy or your deposit back. With young puppies, things do happen, unforunately. If the pups are identical, people will chose their pup in the order of the payment of deposit. If one person pays at 12:15 and the second person pays at 12:17, the order of pick will be time received.
No available puppy at this time.
I have a poodle, Pipper, breeding to a maltese now and hope to have maltipoos in October. Varied colors expected. 7 to 12 lbs grown expected.
POODLE PUPS: I hope to have a litter of poodle pups, brown in color the first of October. Parents are 10 to 14 lbs.

  1. Pipper for maltipoo
    Pipper for maltipoo
    Due in October
  2. Sierra
    Breeding now