Breeding Poodles and Designer Pups
Toy poodles
Bridgett and Petri-a male tcup white AKC poodle of about 4lbs.
Grace is a small min poodle that is 9 lbs. She has a brown nose and is very pretty. Ok. not the best grooming, but the best poodle. 
Grace is Bell's daughter. Grace's father is Jim Bob. A parti mini poodle.
Grace's daughters that I have kept are below. All are very affectionate like their mom. 
Sarah full grown and as a pup. She is AKC and is a mini about 12 lbs.
Sparkles is a daughter to Flame. Sparkles' dad, Chuck, is a small black mini with champions in his pedigree. The black poodle with Sparkles is Petal, which looks just like Chuck.
Sparkles weighs about 10 lbs.

Sparkles and her sister, Petal.
Flame, Sparkles mother
Sienna, Sparkles sister from another litter.
Sparkles, June 2014. Their color fades when they are pregnant
Greta. She is a poodle and is  the daughter of Grace. She is about 7 to 8 lbs and is black.
Freda is black with silver and has what we call "ticking" coloring in her hair. Her mother is Fiona which is a white poodle. Freda is under 11 inches tall and weighs 9 lbs. I have a picture of her legs which shows the ticking in her hair.
The ticking which is a color description on Freda's legs.
Freda pup from 2015
Freda maltipoo pup from 2015
Fiona, Freda's mom
Mack, Freda's sire