About Me

I am audited by AKC (American Kennel Club--Marcus Bach) pretty much every year.  He comes by my house and checks out all dogs and pups without any prior notice.  I have received good marks and the report can be seen at my house.  I have a vet to come by yearly for rabbies.  My dogs are cared for as much as the money is possible for me to do.  I have dentals done on the older dogs as money allows. I do have older dogs for adoption so if you are interested please contact me. I may not charge for the older dogs my main concern is that they are a pet and cared for.  The dogs are kept in an enclosed house with outside access that has plenty of room to run and play chase.  All puppies and moms are kept in my house right next to my bedroom so that I can "hear" them at all times.  They have access to the house and an outside play yard.  They are kept on a regime of wormings and heartworm prevention and of course their vacccines.

The mixes I breed are below. 

Maltipoo  (maltese-poodle,)  shihpoos (shih tzu-poodle)  and the maltshih (maltese-shih tzu.)

 We  find the mixed breeds to be  very healthy and sooo darn cute.  Most of our dogs are under 10lbs, however we do have a couple that are the 10 to 15 lbs range. If you are interested in a paticular "poo" mix  ask me.
 about it. 

Pricing: In view of the economy I have tried very hard to keep my prices down. I provide food, shelter, medicine, and veternary care for the adult breeding dogs for possilby their whole life. I do try to adopt the adults out when feesible, however, many are here to stay with me. I take that care very seriously. You are paying the price for a pup that provides care for their parents for a very long time. So please take this into consideration when adopting one of my pups.

Breeding Poodles and Designer Pups
My grandson, Garrett, loves to play with all of the pups. My grandchildren call me the "puppy grandma."
Grandson, Caleb, is playing with Bridgett-a poodle.
This is Brutus (tcup male poodle) and Lefty (chihuahua) hanging out in the utility room. Sometimes they need a break from me!!!!!
Brutus was my first tcup male and I cherish him.  He now lives in luxury with his adopted mama.  
Emma and her maltese, Sopi.  Zena is behind them.  Emma is excited about Sopi having pups in Nov. 09. Her mom states this will be Sophi's "only" litter.!!!!!
Update: Sophi had her one pup and is  now spayed. 
I love animals. Period.  As a child we had a pony, cows, pigs, chickens, a pet snake, pet squirl, beagels for hunting, and always a mutt canine companion. When I was 12 yrs old  our grandpa gave us a Boston Terrier, whom we adored. I learned a  lot about animals in the early years of my life.
Over the years,as a dog breeder, I have learned a mountain of information about our canine friends. Some of which came to me instinctually, some I have read in books, and other important info from classes I have taken in dog training.

What I do with the pups:

 I started some years ago what I call "imprinting." I knew that when a colt (baby male horse) is born, the owners immediately rub the colts' hooves, ears, and it's entire body "imprinting" on the colt/filly that human touch is not threatening. 
When the pups are 3 days old I play with their feet, touch them with the grooming clippers so that they can feel the vibration and smell the oil of the clippers, lay them on their backs, and much more. I do this every day along with other things I do with them as they get older.