Coming to see the puppies.
When you turn into my driveway, come up the gravel driveway. Please drive around to the right just as you reach the trees using the gravel circular drive. Please do not pull straight up my drive which will block the driveway.  Stay on the gravel circular driveway and do not park or drive on any grass. We have a circle drive around the trees and have tried to make it easy to come and go. Pull all the way up to the sidewalk. Please walk up the side walk up to front door. Please do not block the driveway. Also, it is extremely important that you stay on time with your appointment. If you are going to be more than 15 min late, please call me and let me know.

You will be limited to the front yard where there is a nice sidewalk, swing, and bench to sit on, weather permitting. If you dont enjoy or cant be outside, please say so. I have an office that we can go to and sit with the pups. Due to insurance reasons and for yours and my saftey, you and your family will be limited to the front yard and not permitted near the pond

This is very important.


About 15 to 30 min before time for you to arrive I take the pups out of their "nesting" area and play with them in the kitchen. The reason I do this is so that they can potty in a controlled environment and not on you.

If you want to see the parents, you must tell me at the time you are making your appointment. 

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I sincerely hope you enjoy your new canine family member and have thought through the responsibility of owning a dog. To keep your pet healthy, please know that your puppy will need regular veterinary care and/or medications.


I guarantee this puppy is in good health, to the best of my knowledge, at the time of sale. 

You must take your pup to a licensed veterinarian by, _________________. 

A stool sample, both floatation and a smear test are required- along with a well puppy check up, by the date listed above and documented by your veterinarian. 

Failure to have a well puppy check up and proper stool checks, by the date mentioned above, will VOID THIS CONTRACT.  

 Not Covered by Warranty: 
Parasites including but not limited to, coccidian and Giardia, round-hook-pin worms. 
Viruses including but not limited to: Parvo, Bordetela -also known as kennel cough-

These are just a few but very contagious and common parasites/virses among canines and are not covered by this warranty.  

Hypoglycemia-also known as a sugar low, hernias, undescended testicles, size, and color are not covered by this warranty. 
All veterinarian bills incurred by purchaser will be paid by purchaser.  
I do my best to prevent parasites in all pups. Above mentioned parasites can live dormant and go unnoticed in the puppy’s GI tract and can be brought on by the stress of leaving the pup’s birth home and its littermates. That is why it is imperative to keep up with regular vet visits.

 If the purchaser’s veterinarian finds a life threatening, incurable, congenital health condition, within one year of pup’s birth, you must get a signed statement with the diagnosis from your vet. I must be notified within 48 hours of diagnosis. I will want a second opinion of diagnosis from my vet and I will be responsible for that vet bill, however, buyer must bring pup to my residence. Purchaser must return said pup to me, or at my discretion, and I will replace the pup when one comes available that is equal value and same sex of said pup. (Viruses and parasites are not genetic defects.)

My schedule of worming is every Monday after the pup is 2 wks old. The label of the shot I have given your pup is placed on this document to be shown to your veterinarian. 
I very commonly send medication (albon and/or Metrondiazole) home with the pup. This is only to help the pup with any stress induced diarrhea. I may also send home dog food, chicken baby food, or any other food I find that will be beneficial for this pup. In my doing so, it is not an indication of anything wrong with this pup.

Dam: ________________________ Sire:_____________________

Date of birth, color, and sex of pup. ________________________________

Micro chip #. _________________________

Buyer must register micro chip at www.AvidID.com Buyer is responsible for any fees charged by Avid.

Worming done:_______________________________________________

Vaccination label and date given: __________________________________

Notes about pup:_______________________________________________

Buyer _______________________, and Seller, Barbara Hilton, agrees to keep issues private between buyer and seller and will not make derogatory comments on any type of internet postings, blogs, web sites, reviews, ect. 
  Buyer___________________________ Date: ________

  Seller___________________________ Date: ________ 

Buyer’s signature states that Buyer has read, understands all within, and agrees to what is written, and buyer has received a copy of the warranty. 

Buyer’s signature and date ______________________________________

We put a lot of time, care, and love into our pups and hope you have the same enjoyment and love that we have with our dogs.
If you have any concerns after you get your pup home, feel free to call me. Puppies are just like human babies and should be watched over carefully and not be left alone for more than 4 hours at a time until they have adjusted to their new home. This means eating and pooping well with no diarrhea.